nostr 101

An overview of the nostr protocol and the future of scalable decentralized web applications.

nostr 101
nostrica banner by @nostrings

An overview of the nostr protocol for discussion on March 20, 2023.

Why did we need it?

  • Decentralize the web: resist censorship, regain privacy, avoid the algos
  • Blockchains can't do this: the web is 175 zettabytes = 350 bitcoin nodes x 8 billion people with no redundancy
  • Free speech: rights of the consumer vs. rights of the platform
Financial market website Zero Hedge knocked off Twitter over coronavirus story
Twitter Inc has banned financial market website Zero Hedge from the social media platform after it published an article linking a Chinese scientist to the outbreak of the fast-spreading coronavirus last week.
Permanent suspension of @realDonaldTrump
Suspension of @realDonaldTrump
Hearing on the Weaponization of the Federal Government on the Twitter Files

What is it?

  • Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relay
nostr events are simple (h/t @anilsaidso)

How does it work?

nostr overview h/t (npub1n5fz9vzvzvezfeuju3hvyg3mtfalgsgw3eka0xxda20uewy2nn0srspk5e)

What can it do?

  • "Twitter" and other social media
  • Scalable decentralized apps without a blockchain or token
  • Check the math
early nostr applications (h/t @anilsaidso)

What can't it do?

  • Trustless prevention of double spends
  • Consistency: no single global state
  • Identity:

How is it going?

Nostr Stats

How do I join?

steps to join nostr (h/t @anilsaidso)

What comes next?

  • Zaps (NIP-57): Micropayments and content monetization - Nostr interface
Fast nostr web ui
American HODL trust experiment with zaps surpasses 39 million sats - Nostr interface
Fast nostr web ui
CARLA earns 167,000 sats in zaps for her ABBA cover song
  • Badges (NIP-58): "NFT" use cases like "access", "community", "accomplishment" without a speculative token
Long form notes over nostr
My badges for partaking in 2008.jpeg and being an early patron of the Pura Vida relay
Long form notes over nostr
fiatjaf's numerous badges

Where can I learn more?

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